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When many people think about medical uniforms, they picture scrubs. These ubiquitous uniforms can be found in every type of medical facility, from a single doctor in an office to a major hospital to a research lab. Scrubs come in numerous styles, colors, and patterns. Other people may associate lab coats with medical personnel. We have probably all been to see a doctor wearing a full-length white coat, though they are also worn by researchers, lab technicians and other personnel. Like all uniforms, those worn by medical personnel have several important functions. They protect both the wearer and the people around them.

Wearing a lab coat or set of scrubs at work allows medical personnel to remove the clothing at the end of the day, and any contaminants with it. Any blood or germs a doctor might have gotten on them from a patient, any traces of chemicals a researcher was working with, are left at their facility. Scrubs and coats are washed regularly, keeping them clean and preventing any contamination. Uniforms are also a place for people to store the tools of their trade. A doctor might keep her prescription pad, reflex hammer, and pens in her lab coat; a researcher might keep his ID badge and instruments in his. In large hospitals, uniforms are a way for people to easily identify who works there and who does not. Finally, uniforms help people look professional; doctors and nurses wearing scrubs look as we think they should, making us more comfortable when we talk to them.

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